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Brooke Mcintosh

Helping people unlearn limits and relearn potential.

Life's Purpose:

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In a nutshell...

Elité Athlete | Motivational Speaker | Entrepreneur | Coach

AKA - Ultra Distance Runner. Change Maker. Champagne Lover. Silver Sledge Hammer.

Brooke McIntosh's services range from keynote speaking engagements across Australia, mindset trainings, the 'Just One More' p
Brooke McIntosh's services range from keynote speaking engagements across Australia, mindset trainings, the 'Just One More' p
Brooke McIntosh's services range from keynote speaking engagements across Australia, mindset trainings, the 'Just One More' p

in depth version below

About Brooke

Seeking Approval: The Early Struggles

Growing up, Brooke McIntosh faced the challenge of not having a clear sense of identity as a child. Instead, her primary focus was on fitting in with the cool crowd, leading her to adopt rebellious behaviors such as skipping school, partying, and engaging in substance use at a young age. Her motivation behind these actions was a desire for validation and acceptance from her peers.

As the middle child in a large and diverse family of nine, Brooke took on significant responsibilities when her mother started working FIFO at the age of 12. This experience played a crucial role in strengthening the bonds within her family.

From a Confined Relationship -

Rediscovering Her Voice and True Desires

At the age of 23, Brooke found the courage to end a five-year-long relationship that she knew was not right for her from the beginning. Despite early realizations, societal expectations, and a desire for a specific life kept her in the relationship. Reflecting on this period, Brooke acknowledges how she compromised her own life, suppressing her voice, confidence, and courage to please her partner and conform to societal norms. Ultimately, prioritizing her mental health, she chose to walk away with just a suitcase, opting to rebuild her life.

The Hamster Wheel - Embracing Dreams After a Life-Altering Truck Hit

Having spent a considerable amount of time on a metaphorical hamster wheel, trying to conform and fit in, a life-altering event—getting hit by a truck—prompted Brooke to reassess her life. While lying in a hospital bed, she questioned the choices she was making and realized she was neglecting her dreams. This led to a turning point where she decided to fearlessly pursue her aspirations.

Running with Purpose - 1600km Run From Pilbara to Perth

Running 1,600 kilometers from Pilbara to Perth became a symbolic journey for Brooke, a way to confront internal demons and start conversations about mental health in isolated regions. This experience made her realize the power of chasing one's dreams, highlighting the determination and confidence required to overcome challenges and achieve personal goals. The 1,600-kilometer run, once just a dream, is now a testament to Brooke's ability to pursue and accomplish her aspirations, with a newfound desire to aim even higher.

Chasing Dreams

Something that came out of this run is Brooke's realization that in life when you're chasing after your own dreams, you will literally do whatever it takes to make it possible. This run had been a dream of hers for many years, but she never had the confidence to go out and pursue something for the fear of failure. But the fact that she finally had the confidence and built the confidence within her to do it, and the fact that it is done, to her, shows that that was her dream in life. If she was chasing anyone else's dream, she would have just caved and said, "This is too hard," and she would have tapped out at the first injury. But the fact that the 1600 K run is done, that's her dream, and her dream is to go bigger and better.

The Foundations of Brooke Mcintosh


The key pivotal moments in life where Brooke has now turned her pains into her purpose. Experiencing seg assault, battling with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation. Surviving anorexia, bulimia, and a high speed car accident involving a truck.

Brooke has mastered the art of resilience and continues to move forward with her heart open no matter the circumstances. 


Having to get back up after every knock down repeating the mantra "JUST ONE MORE" and overcoming every challenge Brooke has ever faced in life. 


Having the courage to be disliked even by those closest to Brooke in the pursuit to live a purposeful life and leave no stone unturned.

Final Words


The fact that you are even on earth today shows that you have something to give.

The probability of you being born is 1 in 10^2,685,000.


WHATEVER is on your heart, SAY IT.


WHATEVER your story is, OWN IT.

You get 1 shot, if you're lucky maybe two.

But once it's gone that's it.



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