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Empowering, educating and equipping our teens with the tools and resources to choose healthier choices and live a more aligned life.

Brooke is passionate about helping teens see their worth, find their confidence, love themselves wholeheartedly, step into their authentic self and make smarter choices in life.

To not 'follow the crowd' and instead, chase their wildest dreams.

Brooke Mcintosh

AKA Crocs Enthusiast 

Former TA, Truck Driver turned 

Empowerment Coach.

Battled with mental health, no confidence, no future or goals until her second chance at life was given. Now, Brooke shines her light bright and see's the opportunities are endless.

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Brooke's passionate for helping teen's and with her truly unique communication style is inspiring thousands throughout Australia.

Her talks and workshops in schools, sporting clubs, community groups and businesses are highly inspirational and her services are in high demand.



Real-life lessons, grounded in research to empower our next generation.


Topics including:

  • Self Love / Care

  • Mental Health

  • Body Image

  • Leadership

  • Social Media


Keynote Speaking

Set the tone for your term. Delivering inspirational and motivational keynotes to energise your teens.

Specialising in:

  • Mental Health / Wellbeing

  • Unconditional Self Love / Confidence

  • Pursuing Dreams

  • Resilience

  • Leadership


4+ Blocks

Ongoing programs empowering our teens for deeper transformation and support. With a minimum of 4 weeks commitment and 1hr per group with weekly sessions covering a range of wellbeing topics, creating a safe space for teens to express themselves freely.

WorkShops / Teachings

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Here to break the 'traditional' rules. teaching the girls everything Brooke WISHES she knew when she was growing through high school.

Turning her pains into her treasures and empowering the next generation.


Building confidence within to become unshakeable and back yourself in every moment.

  • ​Ethical behaviour

  • Knowing who you are

  • Boundaries / Consent

  • Positive Mental Attitude

  • Goal Setting

Helping teens to build trust in self to make appropriate, safe choices for their wellbeing, have confidence within and to face any adversity in life.


Building strong foundations with a relationship within self, to confidently accept, respect and appreciate their body.

  • Challenging Self Talk

  • Self Love Practices

  • Body Acceptance

  • Social Media Hygiene

Creating the space for teens to open up and see how beautiful they really are, to accept themselves wholeheartedly.


8 week program to build our leaders of the future in person and online deliverables.

  • Confidence

  • Resilience

  • Leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Adaptability

  • Ethical Behaviour

  • Mental Health / Wellbeing

  • Cyber Safety 

  • Postive Mental Attitude

Ultimately becoming a POWERFUL YOUTHFUL leader they can be.

"You get 1 life, so what
IMPACT do you want to leave?"


Brooke was a guest speaker at this years KIC iWOMEN Project.  This 7 day program takes 34 Year 10 students with the objective of showing them non-traditional careers in industry that they may never have considered for their future career pathway.


Brooke spoke to the girls about confidence, self esteem and resilience, three key factors to maintaining positive health and wellbeing.  It was an upbeat and interactive workshop and the students thoroughly enjoyed the way Brooke involved each and every one of them.


I would highly recommend Brooke and look forward to working with her again.

Debbie, KIC iWOMEN Project


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