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1600KM Run for Mental Health

Brooke McIntosh's services range from keynote speaking engagements across Australia, mindset trainings, the 'Just One More' p

The Story

Pilbara (Dampier)  - Perth (City Beach) 1600km Run.

Raising awareness for mental health within our FIFO community and younger generations all donations raised go directly to 20Talk and Blue Tree Project.


Rumour has it that Brooke is running 1600kms and YES it is TRUE!

Brooke is embarking on a massive mission to create an Impact to Ignite others to speak up about their mental health and seek the support they are worthy of. In hopes to make uncomfortable conversations comfortable to have.

"I grew up with my Mum who went FIFO when I was just 12 years old and I struggled mentally a lot, I chose to experience this myself for the past few years and this is where I realized the impact mental health has on BOTH, the people at home and the ones on site."

20th August 2023, Brooke is kicking off her run from the Blue Tree, in Dampier - to the Blue Tree in City Beach, WA. Totaling just over 1600kms. Running along the Coastal Highway and hoping to complete this mission in 27 days. Averaging 60-70kms a day stopping off to rest at the nearest camp spot or in the nearest local town.

"We lose over 200 people a year to suicide on site in the mining and construction industry across Australia, and even more so 322 young adolescents took their own life in 2021. They haven't even experienced the complete beauty of this world, to me, this is NOT OK. Life and working away can be isolating, lonely, and tough at times. Though there seriously is SO much beauty within all of it, first we have to make our mind a beautiful place to be by seeking the support we are all worthy of."

There are many positive aspects to working within the FIFO industry however, isolation can cause numerous issues to arise.

This is especially true in seeking support for mental health services and support without being told to 'toughen up mate'.

Brooke has began training for this mammoth challenge only in November 2022. However running has always been her escape and has helped her through her darkest of days.

While completing this mission, all donations are going directly to 20Talk and Blue Tree Project. 2 local Perth charities that are doing amazing things within our local and remote communities aiming to tackle the alarming rates of suicide by destigmatizing the topic of mental health and bringing people together to create safer spaces and places to talk about mental health.

"The blue tree's I have seen on many sites and while driving through remote communities, have honestly given me a glimmer of hope and helped me through my darkest of days." 

Finally Brooke has stepped into her own coaching realm and is on this unique mission to create an Impact to Ignite to get families, friends and workplaces talking and normalizing these conversations among their groups.


To follow along the journey and for regular updates you can find more on:

LinkedIn Brooke Mcintosh

Instagram @brookemma.rose  

TikTok: @brookeemmarose_

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Donations go to
Blue Tree Project
& 20Talk.

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