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Mental Health Support Mining / Construction

Whether it's FIFO or local, the mining and construction industry will always hold a place in Brooke's heart and she is on a MISSION to make it more ENJOYABLE and PURPOSEFUL for every company, employee and employers. So everyone can make it home safely, happy and more aligned than ever before.

Brooke Mcintosh

Former TA, Operator and FIFO worker

“While I personally worked within this industry for 5 years, I absolutely loved it, however it did come with many challenges. I also grew up with my Mum going FIFO when I was just 12years old. I know first hand the mental struggles it presents with people on and off sites. In August 2023, I am on a mission to run 1600kms to shed the light on the ones suffering and help them see they are not alone in any of this.”


Brooke is committed to help your team
on and off site...

Working FIFO is very rewarding and a unique opportunity (one we think everyone should experience) it does come with it’s own individual challenges if not monitored correcting, including isolation, long stints, work / life balance, relationship breakdowns all which can lead to an increased risk to mental health and wellbeing. Studies show we loose 200people a year to suicide and high levels of mental health distress increasing. 
Brooke is using non-clinical, practical and realistic tools to help the people within the mining and construction industries create the most out of this unique lifestyle opportunity.
Her realistic non BS approach is one many can relate too. FIFO work comes with its unique challenges both in men and females. Brooke is here to help those who are ready to increase their resilience, confidence and happiness on and offsite. 

"Because this life really is a unique thing"


Land Mining


Smoko Chats

An opportunity to bring a new approach to your pre-starts to get the crew mentally prepared for a safe, productive and enjoyable day ahead while onsite.


Talent Development

Shaping true leaders to handle difficult conversations and mental wellbeing to have the tools and resources to cultivate safeness within the workplace.


Onsite Workshops

Experience is the best teacher, and the worst experiences teach the best lessons. Deliver all the pillars directly with onsite training.

MineSet 4 Females

Here to provide females with the essential tools and resources to conquer the male-dominated workplace with confidence.

Our 3-week online self-paced course is specifically designed to empower and support women within the industry to help build a strong foundation for success.



To withstand and recover quickly from difficult situations.


Within yourself, your abilities and your teammates. 


Lead your teams with purpose, influence, and build effectively.  


Being connected through honest communication with those on and off site.


Identify and regulate your emotions to lead with curiosity and empathy


To get the job done safely and return home at the end of every shift.


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Perth, WA

0499 901 230

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